Are We Ready To Work From Home ? To Break The Chain-CORONA-COVID 19

Since Corona Virus-COVID-19 elevated to pandemic status by the World Health Organization and most of the countries, Prime minister Modi, declared India Luckdown from 25-03-2020 for 21 days to save the country.

At this time while all people stay in side the house and follow Social Distancing, most of the corporations including SME, MSME, Proprietorship, Private Entity apart from organisation who does the business for defined essential services are bound to start work from home.

Work from home is not as common as you might think.

In India most of the organisations are not ready to work from Home even though the Organisations are now advising employees to work from home in a bid to curb the outbreak and protect their workforce.

There are number of cases we need to analyse to make this work from home successful. Let us analyse few cases:

-Whether Management is ready to allow employee to work from home ?
-Whether Management is clear what they want during work from home ?
-Whether Company is ready to release salary on time during this work from home ?
-Do the employee have experience of Work From Home ?
-Whether all employee have dedicated room to work from home ?
-Whether all employee have a designated workstation or desk in home ?
-Do all employee have uninterrupted internet in home for office work ?
-Do all employee have business phone for communication for office work during work from home ?
-Do the business have proper Security for the business process and application ?
-Do we have the team who Works without monitoring ?
-Is it easy to Follow office time in home ?
-Do all employee have Office Set up in home ?
-Do all employee has headphone with mic, speaker for Conference call ?
-Do we have proper Infrastructure ?
-Do all employee have capability to work without proper follow up ?
-Do you have template to submit the report by the Manager ?
-Do you have dedicated system for each / required employees in the organisation ?

If the organisation is ready for all or most of the points, then Working From is a very easy job, else it will be difficult to implement Work From Home .

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