Ways to keep Employees Happy at this time of COVID-19 Outbreak

Since Mid January 2020, the entire world population is under the fear of COVID-19. This is an international pandemic that’s leaving everyone anxious.Most of the countries are in lockdown stage. There are crisis everywhere starting from Health to the Economy. The stock market of each country plunging day by day. So millions of people are losing their money, may it be notional loss or actual loss.

Most of the people are not prepared to face this type of crisis. Similarly most of the companies are not prepared themselves to deal with the severity of COVID-19.

The world is gripped by fear. Each person is living with fear . Every moment we are getting update of this crisis through social media or from various platform. Even though we are at luckdown stage, people need money for day to day expenses starting from food, electricity bill, telephone bill, internet bill and majorly medical bill.

Each company add value to the economy of that country and to the world. During this lockdown stage, organisation can not stop operating their business activities. Each employee is living with fear -first fear of their lives and then fear of not getting money or fear of loss of job at this time of Global crisis. As an organisation company what is your commitment to employees / workers. All the Business leaders should be acting quickly to safeguard their vision and commitment to their stakeholders since all the stakeholders play a major role for the growth of the organisation. Success of an employee depends on the success of the Organisation and vice versa. So here is a thought how the employer can boost the morale of the employees at this crucial time .

-Allow Work From Home
-Financial Assistance to make a temporary work station at home
-Speak with each employee.
-Ask about their needs.
-Educate them about how to fight Corona Virus through awareness program
-Don’t ask them to travel anywhere
-Supply face masks
-Supply hand sanitizer, disinfectants
-Take care of health for all employees
-Financial Assistance to Employees
-Financial security to their workforce
-Pay Salary on Time or In Advance
-Allowances for Internet Bill
-Reasonable number of Paid Sick Leave
-Create contingency plans.
-Keep relation ship intact with Customer and Vendor
-Follow the rules laid by Govt.

Even though the employees have number of fears at this moment, which is very difficult to remove completely, the employer can play a vital role at this critical time.

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